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How do you turn a gaming novelty into a college necessity?

The Challenge

Convince college freshmen that the Meta Quest is what they need to thrive in this next phase of life.

The Problem

Despite Quest’s potential, it is seen as a gaming novelty that is quickly reduced to a party trick, dusted off only to wow VR virgins. Consumers around the world lack awareness of MetaQuest’s possibilities outside gaming.

The Insight

Nothing makes Gen Z more anxious than committing to a life-defining choice, and college is a jungle of those choices.

The Meta Quest makes those choices easy by connecting you to every possible future reality. Anything you want to be, you can try it commitment-free in the MetaVerse.

My Role:

I was an art director on the video spot team  for this project. I created many visual assets to send to the animation team and was in charge of special effects.

I was also a strategist on the management team. As a strategist, I aided in the creation a survey that reached over 200 people. I made the analysis on the survey, in-depth interviews, and sydicated research that lead to the creation of our creative brief.

I was a key player in writing the brief as well. 

Roscoe McGee: Art Director, Strategist

Sarah Standage: Account Manager

Beth Clark: Strategist

Melanie Black: Stratagist

Michael Mallory: Strategist

Sydney Orton: Strategist

Aubrie Cardon: Art Director

Dillon Hansen: Copywriter

Andrew Rhee: Content Creator

Ashlyn Elggren: Art Director, Animator

Lacy Tobler: Art Director, Animator


1st place, district level

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