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How do you market an imagination game to one of the most stressed out, overworked generations?

Consumer Insight

Gen Z wants to be themselves, but they constantly worry about making mistakes.They want a way to escape the pressure and expectations so they can just be themselves.

Brand Insight

Dungeons & Dragons is an experience with no wrong answers. You can defeat the warlock or date them. You can slay the dragon, or keep it as a pet. No rules, no expectations; just you and your imagination.

Creative Idea

Show Tired Perfectionists that Dungeons &
Dragons provides a space where you can be anything and do anything. You can play your way.

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My Role:

As an art director, I acquired costume and set pieces and created a few custom set pieces from scratch as well.

During production I was a set dresser and PA.

Afterward, I did the motion graphics for the social media posts and the end card for the TV spot.

I kickstarted the project by creating the initial strategy. I conducted ethnographies by participating in multiple D&D games, conducted in-depth Interviews with the players, and created and analyzed a survey with over 100 participants. I used that analysis to gather insights and write the brief that inspired the creative executions.

Roscoe McGee: Jr Art Director, Strategist, Motion Graphics Artist

Morgan Meik: Strategist

Taylor Garrett: Content Creator

Kylie Romano: Art Director

Ariana Tolbert: Art Director

Stephanie Blackham: Copywriter


Best of Show

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