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How can a convenience store connect to the most hardcore fandom in the world?

The Ask

7 ELEVEn is trying to gather online followers by connecting to and celebrating fandoms.

The Strategy

Get Anime fans to see 7 ELEVEn as a fellow Anime Lover.

The Creative

Anime Fans express their love of their Anime by creating. They make amazing fan art, fanfics, and cosplay. 7 ELEVEn will do the same.

7ELEVEn Trading Cards

7E Trading Cards.png
7E cards on social.png

The release of new cards will be announced through Instagram

For a limited time, 7ELEVEn trading cards based off of popular animes will be available with Slurpees

7ELEVEn Cosplay

7E tim tweet.png

People submit their 7ELEVEn cosplays through twitter.

Our favorites are turned into actual 7ELEVEn anime characters.

7E cosplay tweets.png
7E cosplay IG.png

The best of the best are turned into 7ELEVEn trading cards

7E Cosplay card.png

7ELEVEn Anime

7ELEVEn Japan has already created a three episode anime miniseries for the brand. Its just a matter of bringing that amazing anime to the states!

Social Media Plan

We will partner with Anime Reaction influencers on TikTok. They will do live, pre-release, streams of each episode before we post it.

Afterwards, we will post the episode on our own channel, with duet enabled.

Then those same anime reaction influencers will make duet reaction videos. Anyone else who wants to duet the anime will be able to. 

Anime pre release.png
Anime release.png
Anime reaction.png

My Role:
I pitched this campaign while interning at Dentsu. I did the creative strategy for the concept and drew all illustrations. Though this campaign has not been executed online yet, Account Managers and Creative Directors plan on pitching it to the client and bringing it to life in late july. 

Roscoe McGee: Art Director

Jonee Davis: Copy Writer

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