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Liquid Death Logo.png

How do you get people to care about your brand of water just because it looks cool?

Consumer Insight

Partying hard works up a thirst, but sometimes, what's in your hand needs to match your vibe. When at Skateparks, Concerts, or Festivals, young adults will opt for beer or soda, no matter how thirsty they are. 

Brand Insight

Liquid Death turns the chore of hydration into a cool, edgy experience. You don’t have to compromise your personal brand to murder your thirst.

Creative Idea

Reach Dehydrated Delinquents where they thirst most while showing how Liquid Death matches their vibe.

Introducing the Murder Hearse

A deadly combination of transportation and branding


Its just water

Liquid Death is canned water. That’s it!
They’re just a funny water company that hates corporate marketing as much as you do. Their evil mission is to make people laugh and murder their thirst.

Wherever there is thirst, we'll be there to murder it

The Murder Herst will travel where Dehydrated Delinquents gather. Whether it's a skatepark, concert, or festival, Liquid Death will be available, fresh out of the coffin.

Transport and  Branding combined

The Murder Hearse doesn't just get the product where it is most needed, it looks awesome! When people buy Liquid Death, they are not buying water; they are expressing a mutual hatred for cooperative marketing and the status quo. The Murder Hearse needs to express that exact same thing. 

My Role:
I was a key player in dreaming up the creative concepts. As the art director, I was in charge of creating all Illustrations concept art and motion graphics. 

Roscoe McGee: Art Director Strategist

Colten Mitchell: Content Creator, Strategist

Kade Earls: Producer, Strategist

Brendan Nicholes: Copy Writer

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