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We've all heard of the practical benefits of noise-canceling headphones, but what are the emotional benefits?

Consumer Insight

Gen Z is the generation most in touch with their feelings. They use music to amplify their emotions and sort through what they feel feelings.

Brand Insight

Bose's superior noise canceling headphones get you closer to your music.

Creative Idea

The closer you are to your music, the more you can feel what you feel.

My Role:

I dreamed the creative concept for this spot with my copywriter partner. As the Art Director, I created the storyboards for this spot and did set decoration. I created all special effects and took care of post-production.

I also worked as a strategist by completing multiple in-depth interviews and by analysing the interviews and our survey to create the strategy and brief. 

Roscoe McGee: Art Director, Strategist

Colten Mitchell: Content Creator

Ingrid Uhe: Copywriter

Sydney Orton: Account Planner/Strategist

Sarah Standage: Account Manager

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