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360 Campaign

Consumer Insight

After a long exhausting day, us millennials go to our munchies for comfort.

Brand Insight

Cap'n Crunch is positioned as a breakfast cereal, but everyone treats it like a snack or dessert. 

Creative Idea

Show that when life seems soggy, Cap'n Crunch is a great way to shake things up.

Execution 1: TV Spot

Execution 2: Social Media

Execution 3: Radio

Radio AdWhen Life Seens Soggy
00:00 / 00:30

Execution 4: Guerilla

Cap'n Crunch is a snack food, so of course it needs vending machines to get to work places and college campuses. 

Captain vending machine.jpg

Execution 5: Guerilla

To make your life seem less soggy, you need to treat yo self! So we made Cap'n Crunch bath bombs for you to take a load off. 

Bathbombs life style.jpg

Execution 5 : Point of Purchase Displays

Cap'n Crunch Cereal will be moved from the breakfast cereal aisle to the snack aisle to help cement the fact that Cap'n Crunch ain't no Breakfast food. There will be a displays at the cereal aisle directing people to the snack aisle, as well as a display at the snack aisle itself.

InStore 2.png
InStore 1.png

Execution 7: Guerilla

Food truck friends.jpg

Life seems most soggy during finals week. So during that time, we will send Cap'n Crunch food trucks to colleges in major cities to give away free Cap'n Crunch to help those poor, stressed out college students. 

Crunch Truck.png

Roscoe McGee: Art Director, Tag

Racheal Miller: Copywriter

Reese Sanders: Content Creator

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