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How can we show that Disney Princesses are Kind and Courageous?

The Problem

Disney Princesses have a reputation of being passive, unrelatable, and insufficiently diverse.

The  Ask

Show that Disney Princesses are kind and corageous.

Creative Idea

Moana demonstrates how courage and kindness can help children overcome their fear to help their friends.

My Role:

I was the Art Director and Animation Director on this project. I created the storyboards, and art style. I created our animation pipeline and led five other artists in creating over 105 individual drawings.

I also managed postproduction, including vocals, audio, and editing.

Roscoe McGee: Senior Art Director, Director

Michael Mallory: Strategist, Background Artist

Stephanie Blackham: Copywriter

Anya Meredith: Art Director

Sam Kennington: Assistant Background Artist

Michelle Miller: Assistant Character Artist

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