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How I brought value to the biggest Ad Agency in the world


Burger King Zodiac Signs

Burger King is always hopping on what's trending and the zodiac signs have blown up recently. We make funny Tiktoks about how each different sign dips their nuggets.

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Phone Frame block.png
7ELEVEN copy.png

The Ask

7ELEVEn's social media is all about celebrating its fans. 7ELEVEn is constantly posting Tweets from 7ELEVEn fans on their Instagram accoount. I was in charge of adding designer elements to the tweets. 

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Reeses Logo.png

The Ask

Reese's sales suffer during the summer. People feel like Reese's are too rich and melty for hot weather. So, Resse's asked us to find a way to turn this con into a pro.

Chill V No Chill

Many people love to chill their Reese's and some hate too. Summer is the perfect time to fan the flames of this debate. We pitched a way to use TikTok to turn the debate of Chill V No Chill into a major trend.

BYU Adlab.png

What exactly did I do at an Ad Agency run by college students?

LoomVue Logo.png

The Ask

LoomVue is a browser extension that translates a few keywords into another language, allowing for language learning through context. LoomVue asked us to help them find a niche in the language market where their business could thrive and to help them market within that niche.

What we did

Through online ethnographies, secondary research, and qualitative interviews, we created a SWOT analysis and competitive analysis that showed exactly where LoomVue could thrive the most. We created promotional materials that highlighted LoomVue's unique selling propositions and benefits. 

My Role

Student to Client Liason, Art Director.

Calliope Logo copy.png

The Ask

The Church of Jesus Christ's Reputation Management team asked us to conduct market research on how they could gain a stronger reputation among specific demographics. 

What we did

We conducted a thorough online ethnography and over 120 individual in-depth interviews. We compiled a book and deck explaining our research and the insights we had gathered, and a survey that could be used for quantitative data in the future. 

My Role

Student-Client Liason, Head Strategist

Family Search logo.png

The Ask

FamilySearch is a free online genealogy tool. They came to us asking for marketing research on how they could market their services to a specific demographic. 

What we did

We conducted over 100 in-depth interviews analyzing brand attitudes and delivered a deck on FamilySearch's Unique Selling Propositions and suggestions on what creative executions might look like. 

My Role

Quantitative Researcher

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